Equipment Finance Marketing

SJM specializes in creating a full range of marketing assets for the equipment finance industry. From email campaigns and case studies to presentations and thought leadership, we can help you close more deals with less effort.

Sales Materials

Principles of a powerful pitch

Just the right measure of tone, timing and structure. Tailored content that threads a mix of sales collateral, presentations and digital content through the right mediums. A strategic approach that integrates a full spectrum of marketing communications and checks all the boxes of business and sales support.

Front and back of mailer

Sell Sheets

Benefits-based business tools

Fliers, data-sheets, sell sheets, specs; they all fall into the “hand-out-and-leave-behind” category. Whatever you call them, all of ours have one thing in common: They help close sales.

White Papers

Broad reach, niche messaging

From solar energy and healthcare issues to transportation and IT, our white papers span a huge range of topics. Each is written with authority, exhaustive research and subtle persuasion to learn more.

Success Stories

We know the questions to ask

The framework of a success story is simple: Background, challenge, solution, results. But finding the right players and just enough “so-what” to paint the picture without a in a big win can be tricky. Our interviews, fact-mining, research help create persuasive success studies – featuring you and your company as the heroes.

Integrated Campaigns

The truth about targeting

Knowing your audience and being in the right place at the right time are critical pieces of the results puzzle. But how can a compelling message spark curiosity, inspire a click, retain attention and deliver a prize in the call-to-action? That’s artful execution of big-picture success.

Email / Infographics

If delivering not-so-great news about the impact of new lease accounting laws harvests these results, there’s more to it than a good prospect list.

Our approach to successfully courting prospects? Entice, educate, entertain and engage.


  • 22% open rate
  • 4.3% click-throughs
  • 25% downloads
  • .5% unsubscribes


The challenge: Create an email campaign (that leads to an infographic and downloadable white paper) about robotics in manufacturing.

Through creation of a compelling subject line, engaging copy and social media support, our client’s message won a substantial audience.


  • 19.8% open rate
  • 2.6% click-throughs
  • 30% downloads
  • .1% unsubscribes

Thought Leadership

What is that, exactly?

Thought leadership requires your established authority, respect of your peers, and a keen sense for market trends. When you communicate, your insights motivate people not merely to listen, but to take action. In short, thought leadership sells trust in your brand.