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Making common sense of science


In 1989, a team of scientists brought Total Recognition Technology ® to market under the company name ParaGraph. This legacy handwriting recognition and translation software was soon leveraged in Apple® digital devices and Microsoft® tablets. Over the next several years, they developed unique (at the time) multi-media and 3D/virtual reality technology, which they sold to Silicon Graphics in 1996. At that time the founders returned their focus to the data capture and recognition business since known as Parascript®.


Parascript soon grew to more than 100 employees and expanded their enterprise-driven model to include small to mid-sized businesses as well as consumers. The company recognized a need to strengthen its brand and marketing communications to target a broader audience across new media channels.


Together SJM and the Parascript marketing team pioneered new territory in positioning, tone and voice. To effectively convey the company’s expertise to a larger, less technical audience, we took a traditional feature-benefit approach to supplement their existing technical documents. By creating a more personalized look and feel throughout web content and marketing materials (while retaining their legacy voice and positioning in technical papers), we quickly expanded their handful of spec sheets to a comprehensive suite of collateral pieces, all under one unified, prestigious brand.

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